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YEAR A ~ Matthew

Our One Mission, Two Parishes Theme or Focus

for 2023 is:

Being the Good News

by Promoting God's Hospitality!

 Faith Comunity  
Parochial ~ 2021 - 2025
 Vital Vibrant Viable                                         ... One  Mission, Two Parishes ...
 Spiritual Ministerial Material Local ~ 2021 ...                 Take the Way of the Gospel
 Encounter Listen Discern National ~ 2021 - 2022      Plenary Council
 Communion Participation Mission Universal ~ 2021 - 2024    International Synod

It gives me great pleasure to welcome YOU to our Parish Website,

The Tomb of St Luke the Evangelist

Saint Luke the Evangelist's final resting place (images) ~ Abbey of Santa Giustina (& Wikipedia)

Saints in Rome and Beyond! Saint Luke the Evangelist

pdf and our ACBC 2016 Parish Social Profile (1.62 MB) pdf
(1.62 MB)

Fr Gerard
Parish Priest

The Missionary Nature of the Church: “The Person who has trust and participates in the faith of the Church wants to believe with the Church. This seems like our life-long pilgrimage: to arrive with our entire life at the communion of faith. We can offer this to everyone, so that little by little one can identify and especially take this step over and over again to trust in the faith of the Church, to insert themselves in this pilgrimage of faith, so as to receive the light of faith ... The essence of Christianity is not an idea but a Person. Great theologians have tried to describe the essential ideas that make up Christianity. But in the end, the Christianity they constructed was not convincing, because Christianity is in first place an Event, a Person. And thus in the Person we discover the richness of what is contained ... How can one's personal authenticity be discovered if in reality, in the depths of our hearts, there is the expectation of Jesus, and the genuine authenticity of each person is found exactly in communion with Christ and not without Christ? If we have found the Lord and if he is the light and joy of our lives, are we sure that for someone else who has not found Chirst they are not lacking something essential and that it is our duty to offer them this essential reality? ... If we are convinced and we have experienced the fact that without Christ life is incomplete, is missing a reality, the fundamental reality, we must also be convinced that we do harm to no one if we show them Christ and we offer them in this way too the possibility to discover, the joy of having discovered life.  (Benedict XVI ‘Benedictus’).

 2023 Focus Theme PosterA

 Journeying together in daily life ...

pdf CELEBRATING SUNDAY: (124 KB) ‘Christians are Sunday People. What does that mean? Before we ask ourselves how we pdf "observe Sunday," (124 KB) pdf (124 KB) we have to consider what we Christians actually celebrate on Sunday. The real and first reason for celebrating Sunday lies in the fact that on this day Christ rose from the dead. In doing so, he inaugurated a new age. For the first time someone returns from the dead and will not die again. For the first time someone has broken the bonds of time that hold us all in captivity. But Jesus did not pass quickly into heaven. He did not simply shed time as one might shed a worn-out garment; on the contrary, he remains with us. He has returned and will never leave us again. The feast of Sunday is, therefore, above all a profession of faith in the Resurrection. It is a profession of faith that life is good. Very early in the history of the Church Christians asked themselves: “Why did the Lord choose this day? What meaning did he intend to convey thereby?” According to Jewish reckoning, Sunday was the first day of the week. It was therefore the day on which God created the world. It was the day on which God ended his rest and spoke: “Let there be light” (Gen. 1:3). Sunday is the first day of the week, the day of creation. That means, then, that Sunday is also the day on which we give thanks for creation … Creation has been given us by God as our living space, as the scene of our labour and our leisure, in which we find both the necessities and the superfluities of life, the beauty of images and sounds, which we need precisely as much as we need food and clothing.’
(Benedict XVI 'Benedictus')

4 June 2023

This Sunday is is the Solemnity of The Most Holy Trinity ... "Blest be God the Father, and the Only Begotten Son of God, and also the Holy Spirit, for God has shown us merciful love."

June 2023

The month of June is known as the month of the Sacred Heart of Jesus most simply because the solemnity of the Sacred Heart is celebrated during this month. This year, the solemnity falls on June 16.

PARISHIONERS’ OBSERVATIONS WHO ATTENDED OUR RECENT ONE MISSION TWO PARISHES RETREAT:Last Sunday was a special day. A Parish Retreat in such beautiful surroundings! The scenery was certainly worth the trip, as it was like seeing the hand of God creating such beauty. The Facilitator was great. Meticulous planning which involved us using our own personal experience to work hand in hand with the readings was a great idea. I enjoyed having times of quiet meditation. It was an opportunity to place our worries in God's hands and contemplate how our parishes could move forwards. It was certainly a thought provoking time that hopefully will be repeated in the future. Many thanks to everyone. A very worthwhile initiative”.

So we continueJourneying Together In Daily Life - From Structures To Relationships - From Delegation To Involvement’. It is therefore necessary to reawaken in every local reality the awareness that we are the people of God, responsible for incarnating the Gospel in our different contexts and in all daily situations. This involves stepping outside the logic of delegation, which so greatly conditions pastoral action.

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