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Our Schools

primaryweb 400St Luke The Evangelist Parish Primary School

Schools today strive to cater for individual needs, provide diverse learning opportunities and promote growth and learning in all our students and this is our goal at St. Luke the Evangelist. Children are all unique and as a parent, choosing a school is a hugely important decision. At St. Luke’s we acknowledge that parents are the children’s prime educators and consider ourselves privileged to work in this partnership with you.

Our students are taught, nurtured and inspired by an outstanding team who are dedicated, passionate and committed to their roles as educators, role models and mentors. We believe that when teachers, parents and students develop strong relationships built on mutual trust and respect, then our students will become empowered, life-long learners. We strive to contribute to the development of students’ sense of well-being, enthusiasm for learning and optimism for the future.

St. Luke’s provides a safe and secure environment with a supportive parent and Parish community led by Father Gerard Johnson. We currently have approximately 200 students learning and growing at St Luke’s. This number of students ensures every child is known to us and each has many opportunities to participate in our engaging and varied programs and activities.

We would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to share more about the unique community that is St. Luke the Evangelist, Blackburn South. When you would like to enrol your child/ren in our Catholic Parish School please let me know.

Liz Sullivan

03 9877 4023

pdf 2019 Parish School Annual Statement (6.11 MB)

pdf 20200728 The hour of the domestic church is now by Teresa Pirola (281 KB)

default 20200722 Face Masks at School

pdf 20200720 (174 KB) pdf Remote Learning continues ... (174 KB)

pdf 20200624 2019 Offer of Supplementary Capital Fund Support for St Luke the Evangelist School, Blackburn South (46 KB)

This written confirmation from the Catholic Education Melbourne Director of the offer of Supplementary Capital Fund (SCF) support to Saint Luke the Evangelist, Parish Primary School Blackburn South, will enable us to formally begin to engage an Architect for a long awaited and protracted refurbishment program in our Parish School that will initially concentrate on our Learning Areas, bring our infrastructure up to date and attend to some significant areas of wear and tear that require immediate attention.

20200611 Parent's Association

2019 external Catholic Education Melbourne quadrennial School Review Report said this about our Parish Primary School. Domain 3: A culture that promotes learning - “The school is driven by a deep belief that every student is capable of successful learning. A high priority is given to building and maintaining positive and caring relationships between, staff, students and parents. There is a strong collegial culture of mutual trust and support among teachers and school leaders and parents are treated as partners in the promotion of student learning and wellbeing. The school works to maintain a learning environment that is safe, respectful, tolerant, inclusive and that promotes intellectual rigour”.

pdf 2018 Parish School Annual Statement (1.50 MB)

Our Parish School Vision: We are St Luke’s. A community of faith, learning and partnership. Journeying together, we strive to live the Gospel so that all may enjoy the fullness of life. We look with wonder at our world and embrace learning through inquiry, through action, through reflection to realise our potential. We celebrate diversity and we welcome the opportunity to live and work together. 

Our Catholic Regional Secondary Schools

emmaus 75Emmaus College

03 9845 3211:                                              pdf 2019 Statement to the Community (6.33 MB)

sion 75Our Lady of Sion College

03 9890 9097                                               pdf 2018 Statement to the Community (3.54 MB)

whitefriars 75Whitefriars College

03 9872 8200                                               pdf 2020 Statement to the Community (914 KB)

 siena 75Siena College

03 9835 0200                                               pdf 2019 Statement to the Community (5.71 MB)

Enrolment Enquiries - Open Mornings 2020

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