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Parish Pastoral Council

pdf Parish at the Service of Evangelisation 20 July 2Census 2016:CCAustraian (197 KB)

20211118 St Luke the Evangelist Parish Pastroal Council Meeting

20210916 St Luke the Evangelist Parish Pastoral Council Meeting

20210715 St Luke the Evangelist Parish Pastoral Council Meeting

20210520 Outcome: Parish Pastoral Council 3 - 5 Year Operation Plan - Action Plan identified and mapped

pdf 20210520 Outcome: Parish Pastoral Council Charter unanomously endorsed (723 KB)

20210520 Outcome: Parish Pastoral Council current Executive Re-elected unanomously

pdf 20210520 St Luke the Evangelist Parish Pastoral Council Meeting (156 KB)

pdf 20210228 Outcomes Survey (93 KB)

pdf 20210228 Our Vision Slide (86 KB)

document 20210228 St Luke the Evangelist Parish Pastoral Council 1st Report (240 KB)

pdf 20210218 St Luke the Evangelist Parish Pastoral Council Meeting
(135 KB)

pdf St Luke the Evangelist Parish Pastoral Council Zoom Meeting 21 October 2020 (152 KB)

pdf Parish Zoom chat 1 October 2020 & Agenda (113 KB)

St Luke the Evangelist Parish Pastoral Council Meeting 29 September 2020

pdf Parish Zoom chat 3 September 2020 & Agenda (122 KB)

pdf Australian Census 2016: What has changed in your Parish since 2011 and Your Parish Community in 2016 (1.19 MB)

pdf Parish At The Service Of Evangelisation 20 July 2020 (197 KB)
The Instruction on, The pastoral conversion of the Parish community in the service of the evangelising mission of the Church, was released by the Vatican’s Congregation for the Clergy on 20 July 2020. Whilst this Instruction does not promulgate new legislation, it does offer guidance and encouragement on a number of issues key to parish life.

pdf St Luke the Evangelist Parish Pastoral Council Meeting - Strategy Workshop 9 July 2020 (Postponed) (243 KB)

pdf Discovering Parish Values (444 KB)

pdf New Study: Successful Parishes are missionary, emphasise Lay Leadership (74 KB)

pdf St Luke the Evangelist Parish Pastoral Council Meeting 18 June 2020 (230 KB)

pdf General Parish Meeting for COVID-19 Protocols 3 June 2020 (709 KB)

pdf St Luke the Evangelist Parish Pastoral Council Meeting 28 May 2020 (453 KB)

pdf John Rhynehart Chair – Parish Pastoral Council on behalf of the Council 15 May 2020 (402 KB)

pdf St Luke the Evangelist Parish Pastoral Council Meeting 14 May 2020 (559 KB)

pdf Prayerful greetings to the People of God across Victoria 18 March 2020 (472 KB)

pdf Parish Pastoral Council First Meeting 12 March 2020 (380 KB)

pdf Your Invitation (via email) to our First PPC Meeting 11 March 2020 (40 KB)

MEMBERS OF OUR NEXT PARISH PASTORAL COUNCIL (Sometimes referred to as the Parish Stewardship Committee) ARE:

Sonya O’Farrell – Feargal and I moved to Blackburn South in 2000 so this is my 20th year as a Parishioner and my second as Parish Secretary. I was born in Navan, Co Meath, Ireland and came to Australia in 1997. Feargal is also Irish and we have four children who all attended St Luke the Evangelist Primary School. I coordinated the St Luke's Playgroup for twelve years and managed the St Luke's School Canteen for nine years. I look forward to serving on the Parish Pastoral Council to ensure that this community continues to thrive.

Nigel Tauro – I have been a Parishioner at St. Luke's since late 2018, when I moved to the area with my wife. We have 1 child, a daughter, who was born in 2019. I spent a good portion of my growing years in Dubai, in the Middle East, where I was a Parishioner at St. Mary's Church, Dubai - which is one of the largest Parishes in the world. I spent a few years studying in the city of Bangalore in India. I moved to Australia in 2016 and for the past few years, I have been working at an Airline Catering Company at Melbourne Airport. My hobbies include sports, music, travelling and trivia. I am humbled to be a part of the Parish Pastoral Council here at St. Luke's and am looking forward to serving the community as best as I can.

Lynda Kilroe-Smith – I have been a Parishioner at St Lukes since immigrating to Australia in 2006 from Cape Town South Africa with my husband and then two girls. We have since had another “Real Australian” as she calls herself. All three girls attended St Lukes School which we have loved and my youngest is in her last year there. Steve and I are active members of the Parish and encourage our girls to do the same. I love sport particular rugby union, cricket and netball, reading and am a fair weather gardener. I work four days a week and love having the one day off to get other stuff done. Our family recently adopted a 4 year old greyhound and we are completely smitten. I am looking forward to serving our wonderful Parish on the Council.

Hock-Hin and Peng-Sim Yeoh – Hock Hin and Peng Sim have been with St Luke’s Parish since 2008 and they live a short distance from the Parish Church. We have two grown-up children. Hock Hin has extensive experience in the tertiary education sector, having taught in Australia and abroad, and is currently doing some sessional teaching at Victoria University. He has been helping the Hoi An (Vietnam) parish priest with his Caritas report writings. Peng Sim started her career as a botanist and made a career switch to Special Education in 2003. She is very passionate about Special Education here in Melbourne and in Vietnam. Our connection with Vietnam arose from an Australian Volunteer for International Development assignment in 2012. We look forward to serving St Luke’s Parish Community.

Melina Barcellona – Hi, I’m Melina and I have been in the Parish for about 25 years. I love to help anybody and everybody. I always put my hand up for many things; in this Parish it includes: Minister of the Word, Minister of the Eucharist, Church cleaning, and preparing children for their Holy Sacraments. I have been teaching at Salesian College Chadstone for over 30 years and I love it! The best part is taking students to Italy every two years. I love a challenge and one of my many tasks at school is to teach year 9 boys to knit for charity. I’m a whiz in the kitchen, I love gardening and I enjoy sport; especially tennis and AFL. I am a proud member of the Collingwood Football club (and I have my own teeth). Go Pies!

Toni Wynne – Hi I’m Toni. I joined St Luke’s Parish when we moved to the area in 2008. We have two sons, our eldest has finished his primary schooling at St Luke’s and embarks on his secondary education at Emmaus this year. Fortunately our youngest son has three years remaining at St Luke’s so we can continue to enjoy both Parish and School experiences. I work full time and have worked in the social welfare field for almost 30 years. I am passionate about caring for those less fortunate than myself. I also enjoy cooking and meditation. Don’t hold it against me, I follow Collingwood in the AFL. 

Dale Dixon – My wife Chrissy and I moved to Blackburn South in 1999 and have been Parishioners ever since. I have two daughters and a son, all of whom attended St. Lukes Primary School. 2019 saw the end of an era with my youngest completing his final year at St Lukes, he now begins his high school journey at Whitefriars. My family and I love the St Lukes community and want to help ensure it continues. As a Richmond supporter I was a bit shocked as to how many Collingwood supporters are on the Council, but I will do my best to cope. Go Tiges!

Dean Stone – Saint Vincent de Paul Conference (ex officio): My family has attended St Luke’s since 2012 when we moved into the area and my oldest daughter started in Prep. Prior to this we went to St Philips in Blackburn North (where I went to school, was married and had my 2 children Baptised). I have one child at St Luke’s, Erin, who is the Mini Vinnies / Liturgy Leader for 2020, and one child at Emmaus. St Luke’s is a great school and parish community. I’m so proud of the work that the Saint Vincent de Paul Society does. I was involved with Vinnies when I was in school at Emmaus, and recently reignited my passion for the society. At the Blackburn South conference we have 17 members, who actively work to support the venerable members of our community. I love working with such a dedicated and passionate group of people, who support each other to support the community we serve.

T.B.A. - Parish School Advisory Board (ex officio)

Liz Sullivan – Parish School Principal (ex officio): Liz has over 30 years’ experience in Catholic Education in a range of classroom and leadership roles including the areas of curriculum and student wellbeing.  Liz has worked in several schools in the east, outer east and north eastern zones bringing a broad range of experiences to the role of Principal. She has three adult children and three grandchildren and plays an active role in their lives. Liz is excited at the prospect of meeting and getting to know us all, and very much looking forward to working with the community of St Luke the Evangelist on our journey of learning together.

Fr Gerard – Parish Priest (ex officio): I have been a Parishioner for two years. I have been a Priest for 35+ years. These are the Parishes where I have worked during that time: Westernport Parish, Saints Peter and Paul's Doncaster East, Saint Clare's Thomastown West, Saint Patrick and the Holy Angels Mentone, Saint Joan of Arc Brighton, The Combined Parishes Our Lady of the Rosary Kyneton and Saint Mary Magdalen Trentham, Saint Patrick's Cathedral, Saint John's East Melbourne, Saint James Brighton, Our Lady of Victories Camberwell, Saint Mary of the Assumption Keilor Downs/Kealba and Saint Luke the Evangelist Blackburn South. For a time I was the Archdiocesan Vocations Coordinator and Archdiocesan Youth Chaplain; for a time I was the Dean of Saint Patrick's Cathedral. Travel is certainly an interest, People too, doing some things differently from time to time, barracking for the Lions and the Theatre, at the MTC. I grew up in the suburb of Thornbury and I have eight siblings. Both Parents and one Sister have returned to the Father, may they rest in peace.

We thank all these Parishioners for accepting the responsibility of being members of our next Parish Pastoral Council. As much as it is a statement of trust by us in them it is also a statement of trust by them in us.

OUR NEXT PARISH PASTORAL COUNCIL’S (Sometimes referred to as the Parish Stewardship Committee) IMMEDIATE RESPONSIBILITY for 2020 will be to review and prioritise all the information submitted during 2019 by all Parishioners: the 2020 Plenary Council submission, our Lenten ‘What we do well at St Luke’s’ and our Pentecost ‘What can we do better and What else can we do’ data to develop a 3 – 5 Year Pastoral Plan for our Parish. It will take time, patience and a co-ordinated approach that will benefit our Parish in the short, mid and long term. We thank all these Parishioners for accepting the responsibility of being members of our next Parish Pastoral Council and committing themselves to what lies ahead for all concerned.


A community living the Good News through hospitality and outreach


The Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) is made up of those parishioners who, after a process of discernment by fellow parishioners, are invited to share responsibility for the life and faith development of the St. Luke’s parish community in partnership with the Parish Priest. The PPC gives witness to the equality, dignity and responsibility of all the baptized to share in the mission of Jesus Christ.

                                                       “Co-responsibility requires a change in mentality, particularly with

                                                       regard to the laity in the Church, who should be considered not as

                                                     collaborators with the clergy, but as persons truly co-responsible for

                                                      the being and activity of the Church.”          (Pope Benedict XVI)

The PPC has a role of oversight, looking out for the whole parish community rather than various sectional interests. It works with parishioners to build a community of faithful followers of Christ by being accessible and available to parishioners and working with them so that all may become involved in the life of the parish community, grow in faith and influence the society around them.

“The thing the Church needs most today is the ability to heal wounds

and to warm the hearts of the faithful; it needs nearness, proximity.

I see the Church as a field hospital after battle.” (Pope Francis)

Working in close partnership with the Parish Priest, the PPC seeks out and responds to the ideas, aspirations, needs and concerns of parishioners. It seeks to be aware of what is happening in the St. Luke’s community, encouraging the work of existing groups whilst providing opportunities for new initiatives to emerge in harmony with the goals of the Parish Plan.


Members of the St. Luke the Evangelist Parish Pastoral Council aspire to:

Servant leadership: offering their gifts and talents to build up the community in a spirit of shared responsibility through service;

Co-responsibility: working closely with the Parish Priest and each other harmoniously for the common good rather than particular interests, and seeking the input of parishioners regarding their concerns and hopes, to establish the direction of the parish;

Hospitality: listening to the concerns and aspirations of parishioners as well as welcoming all without judgement, in the spirit of the Gospel.


The Parish Pastoral Council has up to 12 Members duly appointed, and consists of up to 5 ex-officio members including: the Parish Priest, the Principal of the Parish School, a representative from the School Advisory Board, the St. Vincent De Paul Society and the Parish Care Group and up to 7 other parishioners chosen through the parish discernment process.

The PPC meets once every school term for two hours on a weeknight and time agreed by the members. Other opportunities for further involvement in church or school events may also arise because of PPC initiatives and subject to members’ availability.

The term of ordinary (non-ex-officio) membership is for two years. To facilitate continuity, it is anticipated that approximately half the PPC members will choose to continue for a second term. Anyone who serves two consecutive terms will then stand down for at least one term.


The Parish Pastoral Council will choose a Chairperson, Deputy Chairperson and Secretary. These office-bearers together with the Parish Priest form the Executive of the PPC who will

  • Coordinate the business of the Council between meetings;
  • Distribute the agenda, minutes and all other relevant material at least one week before each meeting;
  • Ensure that the PPC reports after each meeting to the Parish Community of St. Luke the Evangelist.

Each meeting will begin with a period of reflection and prayer arising from the conviction that awareness of the presence of the Holy Spirit affects and informs the meeting discussions and decisions.

PPC members will endeavor to:

  • Honour, respect and genuinely listen to each other;
  • Respect the ideas and initiatives suggested by parishioners;
  • Use a consensus model of decision making whilst recognizing the ultimate responsibility of the Parish Priest for the parish community.

PPC members participate in a Reflection/Retreat Day once a year to facilitate a deeper understanding of the mission of the St. Luke’s PPC in the context of the Church’s mission as well as to enhance the way the members can work best together as a team.


The Parish Pastoral Council has the mandate to:

  • Develop and implement the Parish Pastoral Plan.
  • Build and strengthen unity by bringing the various groups, entities and viewpoints together in a collective direction inspired by the parish vision and plan.
  • Facilitate and encourage new initiatives that will enable St. Luke’s parish community to more faithfully give witness to the values of the Gospel.
  • Find ways to communicate and engage in an invitational way with members of the wider, ‘non-churched’ or ‘non-practising’ community.


These Guidelines will be reviewed by the Parish Pastoral Council Members at the end of each two year membership cycle.

“The joys and the hopes, the griefs and the anxieties of the people of this age,

Especially those who are poor or in any way afflicted, these are the joys and

Hopes, the griefs and anxieties of the followers of Christ.”

(Pastoral Constitution on the Church in the Modern World, Vatican Council II)

pdf Parish Pastoral Council handbook (1.26 MB)

document Parish Pastoral Council Code of Conduct (201 KB)




default Australian Census 2016 Blackburn South Profile - Census QuickStats

pdf Australian Census 2016 Parish Social Profile (1.62 MB)

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